About us

It all started back in the early 90's, when we (Tiffany and Amanda) became friends in Elementary School. We grew up in a very small town where everyone knew everyone. Many years have passed and here we are today still great friends living in the same small town raising our own families where our kids have become friends.                                                         


Amanda has 4 girls and 1 boy and Tiffany has 4 boys. Life is busy raising children and it makes it difficult to find the time to take care of ourselves when our children always come first. That's why we decided to open our own boutique to help other women with the same struggles as us. It's hard to find clothes that fit and are comfortable with our active lifestyles. Running from store to store hoping to find something that fits. Who has time for that? Not us! At D&H Boutique we strive to find the best clothing and accessories preferably all made in the U.S.A.  

June 6, 2018, we decided to expand our boutique and we opened a store in our hometown in Shabbona, Illinois. This has allowed us to expand our online business as well. We have been able to give back to others other than just thepinkfund.org. We are truly blessed and excited for the future of D&H Boutique!

On December 15, 2015, Tiffany was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer. While being stuck in bed at home for almost a year, she found the convenience of online shopping for clothing and accessories. She went through many changes in her appearance from losing her hair, breasts, and constant up and down battle with her weight from the chemotherapy that it was difficult to find the right clothing and accessories to make her feel like herself again. Now that she is cancer free, she wants to be able to help other women who are battling this horrible disease and with your support we are able to do so by donating to thepinkfund.org.

The Pink Fund is a non-profit breast cancer organization that provides 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients in active treatment for breast cancer, so they can focus on healing, raising their families, and returning to the workplace.   

Thank you for shopping with D&H Boutique!    We truly appreciate all of your support!